FUTURE PRIMAL by Louis G. Herman

If you ever wonder how humankind got to be where we are, economically, socially, politically and spiritually read this book. DR Herman, reaches back to the Bushmen who lived in Kalahari desert . They had more spare time than we have, lived in peace for centuries, in an egalitarian community, had plenty to eat, fresh water to drink and sat in circles telling their stories and making decisions together . The author weaves our history forward through the golden age of Greece, feudal times, the ages of enlightenment and the industrial revolution into the 21st century where we are experiencing the inevitable results of our history.

You may think this book is dull reading and old information. Believe me it isn’t. For me it was exciting and inspirational. I can see now, more clearly than ever, (after all my classes in History,) just how logical it is that we arrived where we are in 2013. Dr Herman does not leave it at that. He writes specifically how we can make positive changes to successfully and peacefully move forward. He give examples of the transformation that is happening now, in places all over the planet. The exciting thing for me was to notice how many people I know, who have already made some of those changes. Anyone interested in organic gardening? Read it and see how you may already be involved. It is not rocket science.

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